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Motivate your students, analyse their movements and track the progression. With Matti you have always the right movement rapport by hand!

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What can Matti offer within school environment?
  • Motivate your students

  • Keep progress

  • Share movement reports

Matti at school

Hi, I’m Matti! Who are you? 

In the beginning teachers and therapists get to know their student. This happens often through an in informal meeting were personal goals were set for the student. Matti can help through this first moment by providing movement tests. This results in a tipping point for student were goals could be on defined.

The measurements are made in a playful and objective manner under the expertise of the physiotherapist.

We can work on your goals while playing!

The physiotherapist works together with the student on the set goals. Here Matti can help through a whole bunch of customizable exergames (games with therapy exercises). The therapist adjusts the exergames to the specific needs of the student. This way the student continues to move and practice motivated!

Where are we standing right now? Are we going in the right direction?

During the exergames, data is continuously stored about the movements of the student. The physiotherapist can analyze this data in order to have a better picture of the student’s progress.

We are already one step closer to our goals, just look!

Everyone is informed of the results achieved through the movement report. In this way the physiotherapist, the teacher, the parents and of course the pupil can view the progress together and discuss the work points.

Wow super done! Another level up!

The students’ progress is clearly communicated via data and graphs. The communication is delivered in a warm and supportive manner. This way, with a little help from Matti, the physiotherapists can take their students to the next level!

The movement report

Research within Creative Therapy

As a spin-off from Ghent University, Creative Therapy attaches great value to scientific substantiation.

Over the years, there has been an increasing emphasis in the field of physiotherapy on the use of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). An important condition for this is the use of standardized measuring instruments to monitor the progress of the care user (Law & MacDermid, 2014). The objectification of progression, however, appears to be insufficiently done in the field of rehabilitation sciences and, moreover, there are often no standardized instruments available that researchers can link to the rehabilitation objectives (Jette, Halbert, Iverson, Miceli, & Shah, 2009). That is why therapists still regularly base themselves on clinical impressions.

of all physiotherapists attach great importance to Evidence Based Practice.
of all physiotherapists often adjust their tests.
of all physiotherapists believe that lack of time is the biggest culprit against Value Based Practice.

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