Rehabilitate with Matti,
motivate and measure.

Matti is the first Tangible User Interface for Rehabilitation Therapy. Matti can be used to play exergames, customized to the needs and preferences of the patient.

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What is Matti?

Matti is a CE approved Class 1 Medical device. It is a interactive playmat with accurate sensors to measure balance, weight, heat map analysis…

The LEDS give visual feedback to patients and the mat itself is used as an input device. Quality materials are used and it’s super durable. The information Matti can detect is used to measure and see progression for patient with different problems.

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Motivate your patients, analyse their movements and follow the therapy progression. Matti is a tool created for motivational rehabilitation therapy.

Motivate patients
trough play.

Patients can play exciting and engaging exergames during therapy, raising motivation and therapy compliance.

All our exergames where developed in colaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists in different specialisations. This brings a wide variaty of games. All games are extremely adaptable to the specific skills and needs of the patient, both cognitively and physically.

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Monitor and analyse
patients progression.

The online Creative Therapy Platform helps therapists to follow the progress of their patients and adapt the therapy to their specific needs.

Therapists can analyse the data generated trough Matti. While the patient is playing, his therapy progress is monitored.

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Matti for organisations

Matti could be a great compagnion for your organisation.
Matti can help motivate and analyse students or patients.
Use the data to monitor progression.

Matti for organisations


Motivatie students for physical activity while playing medically supported games.

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Rehabilitation center

Motivate your healthcare users, analyze their movements and follow their progress.

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