Unique input device that monitors movement.

Matti is a CE approved Class 1 Medical device. It is a interactive playmat with accurate sensors to measure balance, weight and heat map analysis.

The LEDS give visual feedback to patients and the mat itself is used as an input device. Quality materials are used and it’s super durable. The information Matti can detect is used to measure and see progression for patient with different problems.

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Motivate your patients, analyse their movements and follow their therapy progression. Matti is a tool created for motivational rehabilition therapy.

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Matti setup.

Research at Creative Therapy

As a spin-off from Ghent University, Creative Therapy attaches great value to scientific substantiation.

Over the years, there has been an increasing emphasis in the field of physiotherapy on the use of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). An important condition for this is the use of standardized measuring instruments to monitor the progress of the care user (Law & MacDermid, 2014). The objectification of progression, however, appears to be insufficiently done in the field of rehabilitation sciences and, moreover, there are often no standardized instruments available that researchers can link to the rehabilitation objectives (Jette, Halbert, Iverson, Miceli, & Shah, 2009). That is why therapists still regularly base themselves on clinical impressions.

of all physiotherapists attach great importance to Evidence Based Practice.
of all physiotherapists often adjust their tests.
of all physiotherapists believe that lack of time is the biggest culprit against Value Based Practice.


Matti uses research and professional kinesetherapist to tackle the following pathologies.

For Children

For Adults

For Elderly