Empowering Therapists
to create
Motivational Rehabilitation

Creative therapy is an interactive tool for rehabilitation therapy which combines traditional therapy gear with an interactive online Platform. Creative therapy strives to eliminate boredom by providing fun and motivating exergames.

Our Solution helps therapists to create Motivational Rehabilitation

Motivate patient

By playing games with Matti, the patient stays motivated and challanged. This way, rehabilitation is quicker and more fun.

Save time

Keeping your patients motivated and engaged during therapy can take a lot of extra therapy preperation time. Our tool provides new and challenging exergames which can be directly integrated in therapy.

Reach goals

The Creative Therapy application lets you define the therapy goals of your patient and gives you the ability to follow-up on progress and reach goals.

Scientifically validated

We develop all our solutions in colaboration with academic partners. This gives us the opportunity to scientifically and medicaly validate our product.

Keep your patients Motivated and track their Progress!

Matti, The first Tangible User Interface for Rehabilitation Therapy

Matti is the first Tangible User Interface for Rehabilitation Therapy. Matti can be used to play exergames customized to the needs and preferences of the patient.

Creative Therapy Application, Built to motivate and reach therapy goals

The progress of all your patients can easily be followed. This makes it possible to adopt exercises and difficulty based on the needs of your specific patient.

Designed trough an Iterative Co-Creation Process with therapists and their patients

Cocreation is our most important value. We make it possible to create totally new exercises and even share them with colleagues. Our platform also provides information about new exercises and new possibilities. We want you to get everything out of Matti!

Who are We?

Arno Penders

Co-Founder / CEO

Jelle Saldien

Co-Founder / Academic Research

Sebastien Michiels

Co-Founder / RnD Hardware / Project Management

Jamil Joundi

Co-Founder / RnD Hardware

Mats Myncke

Head of IT / Software Development

These are our Partners

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By becoming an Alpha User, you will be able to buy our state of the art product. You and your team will have the opportunity to give feedback which will shape the further development of Creative Therapy. This gives us the opportunity to shape the product to the needs of our customers, you!

Join the team as GameDesigner

We are looking for new talent to join the team! Do you have experience with Game Design and or platform development? Or do you know the perfect fit? Let us know!

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We are looking for a new talented intern! Do you have a passion for Marketing? Do you have the drive and creativity to co-develop and implement your own strategy? Let us know!

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